I had to start a blog so I could “John C. Mayer” Mark RM. Wahlberg

One of my favorite bloggers is pranking the internet, yes folks (ya I don’t have folks yet but I will) Aunt Becky over at  is out to prank the WORLD ok not the world just the interwebs.  So I thought oh who is so deserving of being John C. Mayer’d but non other than Mark RM. Wahlberg!

Oh Mark RM. Wahlberg you have complicated my life from the first moment I laid eyes on your six pack abs and the elasticy wasteband of your white Calvin Kleins, there was no returning to the pure innocent joy I found in your brother’s group, New Kids on the Block.  No, I had now been introduced to you Mark RM. Wahlberg and your funky bunch doing moves that the NKOTB only dreamed of!

  Oh Mark RM. Wahlberg you and your funky bunch got the girls a moving with your “Good Vibrations” and it was from then on my innocent eyes would be constantly on the lookout for abs like yours Mark RM. Wahlberg!  And then Mark RM Wahlberg it was like you left me for my formative college years only to show back up in movies like “Boogie Nights” starring as Dirk Diggler and oh heck ya we got to see that amazing body of yours again oh you sexy stud Mark RM Wahlberg!

You can act my friend, oh how you can act! Oh but then you tried to impress me more by producing one of the greatest shows ever Mark RM Wahlberg and yes I am speaking of  “Entourage” on HBO.  It quickly became one of my favorite shows.  But you didn’t stop there you went on to star in other movies like “Three Kings”, “We Own the Night” and “The Lovely Bones”.  Mark RM Wahlberg my heart skipped a beat when you showed up in “Date Night” and I couldn’t agree more Mark RM Wahlberg with Phil Foster “When you took one look at him you lit up like a sparkly sparkler. And I get it because I lit up too! He is super hot! Why, why do you need muscles on your shoulders like that? And I am just a husband, just a dork who doesn’t know how to load the dishwasher. I am the guy who needs to work out more.”

Yes Mark RM Wahlberg you have just been John C Mayer’d and I hope you like it a lot!


10 Responses to “I had to start a blog so I could “John C. Mayer” Mark RM. Wahlberg”

  1. bandbacktogether Says:

    Oh, Mark RM Wahlberg, you are so amazingly full of the FUNKY BUNCH and Mark RM Wahlberg, you deserved getting a John C Mayer pulled on you.

  2. I will admit that my favorite song for quite a while was on my Mark RM Wahlberg cassette tape of Mark RM Wahlberg and his funky bunch. Wildside, I think it was titled.

    And – yes – Mark RM Wahlberg was fabulous in The Lovely Bones. Tell me, what does the RM in Mark RM Wahlberg stand for? Rad Man?

  3. Well as a matter of fact the RM in Mark RM Wahlberg stand for Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg. Not sure why Mark RM Wahlberg needed two middle names but he has them and i am pretty sure they help him bring the sexy!

  4. Mmmmm Marky Mark and his Funky Bunch.

    Loved your post!

  5. Mark RM Wahlberg, those are some pretty fantastic abs. Much better than Billy Ray’s mullet

  6. I love it that you pulled a John C. Mayer on Mark RM. Wahlberg! Mark RM. Wahlberg is so freakin’ hot. In fact, Mark RM. Wahlberg is so hot that I don’t care if Mark RM. Wahlberg has the personality of a sponge. I just want to run my fingers across Mark RM. Wahlberg’s abs! Yum. :O)

  7. Mark RM Wahlberg is one lucky guy! A whole blog started just to John C. Mayer him. Now I feel rather lazy and like I phoned it in for Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) but should he accept my letter of love then you and Mark RM Wahlberg and I and Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) can certainly double date!

  8. Mark RM Wahlberg is yummy indeed and very worthy of a John C. Mayer.

  9. I hadn’t know much about Mark RM Wahlberg.

    But now I’ve seen those photos of Mark RM Wahlberg in his underwear.

    And I’m a Mark RM Wahlberg fan.

  10. Mark RM Wahlberg and his abs will always have a place of honor in the ‘Oh, yea, look at that’ category. I can absolutely understand why anyone would chose Mark RM Wahlberg to be John C. Mayer’d.

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